FreeNAS 11.2/11.3 eBook

  • FreeNAS 11.2 eBook (Chapter 0-6) => FREE download
  • Chapters 0-6
    • CH 0: Introduction
    • CH 1: Virtualbox Setup for FreeNAS
    • CH 2: FreeNAS Installation
    • CH 3: Post Installation Configuration
    • CH 4: FreeNAS Networking
    • CH 5: FreeNAS RAID and Storage Management
    • CH 6: FreeNAS File Sharing in Windows for Workgroup
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    • CH 7: FreeNAS User, Group and Permission
    • CH 8: FreeNAS in Windows Active Directory
    • CH 9: FreeNAS File Sharing in Linux
    • CH 10: FreeNAS with Apple File Protocol
    • CH 11: FreeNAS iSCSI SAN
    • CH 12: FreeNAS Object Storage with MinIO
    • CH 13: FreeNAS Snapshots and Replication
    • CH 14: FreeNAS Command Line Interface
    • CH 15: FreeNAS Cloud Sync
    • (Chapters may change depending on requirements)

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