A Storage Field 18 I will go – for the fun of it

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, the Storage Field Day 18 I will go;

The first of twenty nineteen I was told;

Storage Field Days are always like gold;

Plenty of fun, plenty to behold.

It’s probably my fifth, sixth or I am not sure;

There’s plenty to look forward to, like azure.

This time again there are plenty of goodies;

All the storage nerds and geeks to party;

NetApp, Weka.IO, Cohesity;

Western Digital, Storpool and some secret company;

The delegates list is long and respected;

Wait a minute, no Howard?

I have always enjoyed these Field Days every one;

Stephen, Tom, Claire, Rich, Mel and the new one, Ken;

We were entertained in the last few runs;

From a great music guy with funny song names called Ben;

2 more weeks in KL while I wrap up my schedule;

So much to do, after the Lunar New Year that followed.

I will soon be there my Storage Field Day;

By hook or by crook, come what may;

There is so much to learn and plenty to say;

Be still my impatient heart, Stay;

Millions of thanks to Gestalt IT;

We all love you, Gratefully!

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About cfheoh

I am a technology blogger with 30 years of IT experience. I write heavily on technologies related to storage networking and data management because that is my area of interest and expertise. I introduce technologies with the objectives to get readers to *know the facts*, and use that knowledge to cut through the marketing hypes, FUD (fear, uncertainty and doubt) and other fancy stuff. Only then, there will be progress. I am involved in SNIA (Storage Networking Industry Association) and between 2013-2015, I was SNIA South Asia & SNIA Malaysia non-voting representation to SNIA Technical Council. I currently employed at iXsystems as their General Manager for Asia Pacific Japan.

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