Market Adoption Cycles for IT Storage

I just want to share a simple graph of what I wrote about in my previous blog entry. I think a picture is worth a thousand words. Have a look at the graph below. I found this in the “Cloud Storage for Dummies” book sponsored by HDS. Full credits to the authors of the book.

Interesting, isn’t it?

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I am a technology blogger with 30 years of IT experience. I write heavily on technologies related to storage networking and data management because those are my areas of interest and expertise. I introduce technologies with the objectives to get readers to know the facts and use that knowledge to cut through the marketing hypes, FUD (fear, uncertainty and doubt) and other fancy stuff. Only then, there will be progress. I am involved in SNIA (Storage Networking Industry Association) and between 2013-2015, I was SNIA South Asia & SNIA Malaysia non-voting representation to SNIA Technical Council. I currently employed at iXsystems as their General Manager for Asia Pacific Japan.

4 Responses to Market Adoption Cycles for IT Storage

  1. jgan says:

    Side track a bit (since you mention dumies 🙂 ).. Do you know that the “Cloud Computing for Dummies” is selling at minimum RM98.00 at MPH, yesterday at MPH MidValley? My oh my. 🙁

  2. cfheoh says:


    Books in Malaysia, I believe, is still using the USD1=MYR3.90 exchange rate, which I think is ridiculous. I have been buying from Amazon ever since the exchange has been going down early this year. There are many times that I have saved more than RM50-100 for one book, even with the shipping and handling.

    I have been boycotting Borders (their US stores have filed for Chapter 11 a few months ago) because they are usually more expensive than the others. MPH IT book selection sucks and lousy customer service. Popular treats its customers like criminals, even kids. The only decent bookstore for me is Kinokuniya.

    So, that’s my gruff with the local bookstores. Sad

  3. jgan says:

    So you are KLCC fan, or was it Sogo? 🙂

  4. cfheoh says:

    Jay, it’s in KLCC. I don’t really like KLCC very much coz I have been there for all my NetApp years and while in RDM, I frequently visit O&G customers over there. I just like the bookstore, that’s all 😀

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