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[Preamble: I have been invited by Dell Technologies as a delegate to their upcoming Dell Technologies World from Apr 30-May 2, 2018 in Las Vegas, USA. My expenses, travel and accommodation will be paid by Dell Technologies, the organizer and I was not obligated to blog or promote the technologies presented at this event. The content of this blog is of my own opinions and views]

I have been invited as a delegate to the upcoming Dell Technologies World (previously known as Dell EMC World) from April 30th to May 3rd, 2018. I am excited because a vision has been playing in my mind since I got the invitation, and that vision is the geek in me goes bonkers. It is much like a going into a Supermarket Sweep game show, except there is no time limit and it will be technology, technology and more technology!

Since Dell acquired EMC in 2015, they have been getting a bit of criticism from almost everyone. The general feeling was that that USD67 billion acquisition of EMC was too big for Dell to swallow. 2 years on, and counting, I must say that the integration of both companies have gone extremely well. And it is just not the facade of the integration, but internally as well. This is what I have gathered from the many friends of both companies and ex-colleagues at EMC in South Asia. (I was a TC for the IP Storage solutions and was also the Regional Oil & Gas consultant during my stint at EMC from 2007-2009)

Dell Technologies is now the only company in the world which has almost every segment of the IT market covered. From x86 gears for the consumers and enterprise, to security needs, data analytics and IOT, and of course, storage tech, Dell Technologies is addressing every IT needs for any company, and that is a good time. How so?

It is about choice. It is about the customers.

We have seen large companies ditching their not-so-lucrative technologies to appease the share holders. HP broke up into HPE and HP Inc, and then spinning off most of their software business to Microfocus. IBM did the same years ago, selling off the x86 unit to Lenovo. Oracle has disheveled the Sun Microsystems platforms, and Cisco has been sputtering trying to put in a server business to complement its legacy networking and security platforms.

With all these changes and “disruptions”, Dell Technologies remains faithful to their customers. It is wading across difficult waters to balance between the business course it has chartered and appeasing the shareholders. But it is the customer who wins and that is what is important to the business in the long run, because with Dell, the customer will always know that they have a choice.

The integration of solutions technology is important, because technology is complex. Integration simplifies the customer’s headaches and reduces their worries. I am not talking about retrofitting that many third-party technologies do when they combined their technology with another. I am pretty sure that Dell Technologies are working into deep integration of the many technologies they have acquired. It is once again, about choices – Like a mechanic’s toolbox, it is handy to have more choices of technologies to integrate – giving the best-of-breed solutions to the customer.

I am eagerly waiting for the April 30th date to come. It will be more than just infrastructure technologies and innovation; it will be the cloud, analytics, deep learning, AI, autonomous devices and much, much more; it will be a technology mega-overload!

I will embark on that fateful journey of discovery with Dell Technologies soon.

P/S: In this blog, I also would like to thank GestaltIT for helping me in promoting my blog. Their Storage Field Day platform has helped increase the visibility of me as industry observer and pundit, and also got me invited to Dell Technologies World 2018.



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