Commvault UDI – a new CPUU

[Preamble: I am a delegate of Storage Field Day 14. My expenses, travel and accommodation are paid for by GestaltIT, the organizer and I am not obligated to blog or promote the technologies presented at this event. The content of this blog is of my own opinions and views]

I am here at the Commvault GO 2017. Bob Hammer, Commvault’s CEO is on stage right now. He shares his wisdom and the message is clear. IT to DT. IT to DT? Yes, Information Technology to Data Technology. It is all about the DATA.

The data landscape has changed. The cloud has changed everything. And data is everywhere. This omnipresence of data presents new complexity and new challenges. It is great to get Commvault acknowledging and accepting this change and the challenges that come along with it, and introducing their HyperScale technology and their secret sauce – Universal Dynamic Index.

I am beginning to see Commvault taking a page from their past to drive their new vision – Powerful Simplicity – for the future. Earlier, in my previous blog, I spoke about Commvault’s Common Technology Engine core foundation as the key enabler and catalyst to put Commvault as the leader in the backup and recovery today.

As things change, as the cauldron of data swirls across organizations, data silos appear everywhere. New challenges push the limit of managing data for the organiation. The Commvault Universal Dynamic Index should become the core of CPUU of all organizations.

CPUU? Not Central Processing Unit like the x86 processor. I call it CPUU – as Central Protection Universal Unit.. Organization must start to leverage of a centralized data platform like Commvault. The CPUU, the Central Protection Universal Unit, should be the heart and soul of all data in all organizations. Addressing the needs of data protection, data recovery, data search, data compliance, data analytics and so much more is key to drive data confidence and trust in the data in all organizations. Data silos, data duplications, multiple versions, disjointed versions of data will be a thing of the past to drive new applications and workloads and new businesses and innovations with a centralized data platform such as Commvault.

Universal Dynamic Index, presented right here by Bob Hammer right now, is the new CTE of the Commvault Data Platform. It, in my point of view, is Powerful Simplicity.


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