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I didn’t get a chance to attend Pure Accelerate event last month. From the blogs and tweets of my friends, Pure Accelerate was an awesome event. When I got the email invitation for the localized Pure Live! event in Kuala Lumpur, I told myself that I have to attend the event.

The event was yesterday, and I was not disappointed. Coming off a strong fiscal Q1 2018, it has appeared that Pure Storage has gotten many things together, chugging full steam at all fronts.

When Pure Storage first come out, I was one of the early bloggers who took a fancy of them. My 2011 blog mentioned the storage luminaries in their team. Since then, they have come a long way. And it was apt that on the same morning yesterday, the latest Gartner Magic Quadrant for Solid State Arrays 2017 was released.

In the event, there were a slew of announcements from the upcoming FlashBlade GA, to the Pure1 Meta, and plenty more. I captured several notable key messages. Here are some of them:

  • The New Tier
    • 99.9999 availability
    • Maintenance and generational upgrade
    • Purity Active Cluster with Pure1 Cloud Mediator
  • Innovation for the Cloud Era
    • Simplify VVOLs
    • Cloud Automation and Security
    • Copy Data Management
    • Snapshot Portability (CloudSnap, Snap to NFS, DeltaSnap APIs)
    • Purity Run – not hyperconvergence – Run Microsoft apps in containers on the FlashArray controllers
    • Windows File Services (both SMB and NFS) for FlashArray
  • FlashBlade
    • Elastic Fabric
    • Massively Parallelism
    • 75 blades using the power of the 5 hairdryers (good one!)
    • Making object storage faster with Flash Object Storage
    • S3 compatibility
  • Self-Driving Storage
    • AI and machine learning
    • > Trillion data points
    • Real time analytics to prevent issues (Claimed to have prevented > 500 P1 cases last year)
    • Performance sizing and capacity planning with accurate prediction for performance provisioning
  • Pure1 Meta
    • AI Engine – predictive application workload DNA
    • > 1,000 measurements
    • Workload Planner
    • Global Predictive Intelligence

And I might have missed a few here and there … but have to catch my breath there.

The messaging and announcements were coming at the audience like a machine gun but one thing was clear – The Pure Storage Vision. From Multi-Cloud to Core to Edge, they have finally overcome the hump when the industry used to label them a one-trick pony. “Oh, they are just all Flash …

That is no longer true. Now that they put the right pieces on the chess board, the world is looking at their execution.

In Malaysia, I know they have been quiet behind the scenes for some time, and won a significant deal with Hong Leong Bank, a Tier-1 bank early this year. The Hong Leong Chief Innovation and Technology Officer was the keynote speaker at Pure Live! yesterday.

Despite a relatively lethargic crowd at the event yesterday (yeah, Malaysian audience at events tends to be very docile and quiet), I was able to sense the strong current and the electricity of the Pure Storage team at the event.

For now I can say, WELL DONE Pure Storage!


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